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This bit has a curved mouthpiece giving more room for the tongue and is slightly  more gentle than the straight bar or jointed driving bits.This is a very popular bit amongst carriage drivers.CURB CHAIN NOT INCLUDED !..
Ex Tax:63.00€
Pelham made of burnished iron. Solid ported mouthpiece with low port. Movable side pieces in Spanish style. Bit thickness 20 mm. Upper beam 5 cm. Lower beam 8 cm...
Ex Tax:53.00€
The bit allows for extra chewing activity, features copper-inserts, a sweet-iron mouth piece and movable shanks...
Ex Tax:29.50€
Strict obedience bit for stalions. Ideal for social events.CURB CHAIN NOT INCLUDED !..
Ex Tax:94.00€
Western mouth with strong internal curve and copper cylinder.Made of high quality stainless steel, exterior sides with fixed loops for the fibers.Ideal for free riding, it provides proper guidance to the horse without steering problems...
Ex Tax:45.00€
High-quality sliding cheek curb bit made of stainless steel with English-style side pieces. The vertical play of the mouthpiece promotes the horse's chewing activity. This facilitates the loosening of the jaw, neck and thus the entire horse's back. The ported mouthpiece with low port relieve..
Ex Tax:58.00€
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