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Anti-sweat rug made from 100% cotton. Closures on the front with belt. Washable on 60 degrees kelsius. ..
Ex Tax:45.00€
Cotton Breeches / Low Waist (S), Ladies
-29 %
Cotton breeches, low waist. Slim line...
41.00€ 58.00€
Ex Tax:41.00€
The shires saddle sit neatly either side of the saddle seat for convenient access.They are supplied complete with two steel drink bottles and benefit from two large zip compartments. The adjustable straps loop around the girth straps to hold the panniers firmly in place...
Ex Tax:27.00€
Full Chaps (SHIRES) - SALES !
-13 %
Full Chaps (SHIRES) - SALES !..
68.00€ 78.00€
Ex Tax:68.00€
Girth Extension (Shires)
Out Of Stock
Girth extension. 100% leather. ..
Ex Tax:19.00€
The rubber covering on this jointed rubber mouth Pelham helps to create a softer,larger mouthpiece for the horse. It has a single joint,curb chain,can be used with two reins, or Pelham roundings...
Ex Tax:46.00€
A plastic coated pelham bit. A thinner option than the rubber jointed pelhams...
Ex Tax:36.00€
This full cheek jointed snaffle bit has players and is great for young horses to play with...
Ex Tax:32.00€
The port on this bit allows more room for the tongue, but will also apply pressure to the roof of the mouth. The slots in the D-rings allow for increased leverage on the poll. This bit should be used with care. Mouthpiece thickness: 14mm. Cheek height: 100mm...
Ex Tax:36.00€
Anatomically moulded travelling boots - for greatest possible protection of your horse"s legs during transport. Strong Velcro fasteners ensure a perfect fit. Comes in a set of 4 for your horse"s fore and hind legs...
Ex Tax:86.00€
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