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General Purpose

Soft riding pad with stirrup leathers and stirrups. Supplied with girth...
Ex Tax:85.00€
Soft riding pad with stirrup leathers and plastic stirrups. Supplied with girth...
Ex Tax:80.00€
In smooth nubuck-like buffalo leather, very lightweight (6 kg) treeless outdoors saddle. Fibreglass raised pommel and cantle, both removable with zippers. Velcro removable seat and synthetic fleece lined foam-padded mono-flaps, for the rider and the horse's comfort. A crupper dee and two front a..
Ex Tax:585.00€
Leather, type suede, saddle for General purpose. Safe and comfortable for sport and country riding...
Ex Tax:185.00€
General Purpose - Dressage Saddle VSD Scandica Nova (Stubben)
-20 %
An exceptional fine quality, General purpose leather saddle which can also be used for dressage! It ensures the stability of the ridder. Fitted  loops for breast plate. Seat: 17,5" Tree: 29cm..
2,348.00€ 2,935.00€
Ex Tax:2,348.00€
Jumping Saddle Loreley VSS
-20 %
Jumping saddle with a square cut cantle, whose structure and design is adapted according to the principlesof modern jumping training as propagated by renowned show jumpers and instructors. The medium deep, extremely comfortable seat facilitates riding in the horse’s centre of balance. Knee rol..
1,045.00€ 1,306.00€
Ex Tax:1,045.00€
A general purpuse leather saddle. Safe and comfortable for sport and free riding...
Ex Tax:200.00€
A general purpose English type saddle. Comes with stirrup leathers, stirrups, girth, black square saddle pad ..
Ex Tax:320.00€
Prestige Saddle Stubben Elephant
-20 %
A unique saddle made of elephant leather, legally exterminated. Only a few items left all around the world and it has its own bridle made of the same material. Seat: 18' Tree:30 cm..
4,560.00€ 5,700.00€
Ex Tax:4,560.00€
Prestige Saddle Stubben Sealowe
-20 %
A unique saddle made of sealowe leather, legally exterminated. There only a few such items left in the World. It has its own briddle made of the same material. Seat:17,5" Tree: 29cm..
3,840.00€ 4,800.00€
Ex Tax:3,840.00€
Anatomically shaped riding cushion incl. Waist belt and stirrup suspension. The pad is made of breathable mesh material on the upper side, which gives the rider sufficient grip. Its underside of non-slip material gives the pad an excellent fit on the horse press. Additional stirrups can be hooked in..
Ex Tax:129.00€
Saddle All Purpose - Tend. Jumping Saddle Colombo (S)
-20 %
Saddle all over covered with Special saddle leather water buffalo, with rubber padded knee parts, rubber padding also in the skirts. The strongly marked natural grain offers a very good grip Seat:17,5" Tree: 28cm Colour: black-grey..
1,248.00€ 1,560.00€
Ex Tax:1,248.00€
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