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Double saddle bag made from naylon...
Ex Tax:35.00€
The shires saddle sit neatly either side of the saddle seat for convenient access.They are supplied complete with two steel drink bottles and benefit from two large zip compartments. The adjustable straps loop around the girth straps to hold the panniers firmly in place...
Ex Tax:27.00€
Double saddle bag STUBBEN (OFFER)
-26 %
The pack pockets made of the high quality nylon yarn Cordura they are lightweight, easy, very stable, waterproof and spacious. They are easy to attach to the pack rings of the trail riding saddles, can custom made other Stübben saddle can be equipped with pack of rings.For your safety at nig..
185.00€ 250.00€
Ex Tax:185.00€
Saddle rack made of robust metal.. Easily hinged, thus space-saving. Size: Width: 15 cm, Height: 41 cm, Depth: 61 cm..
Ex Tax:25.00€
Saddle rack made of robust metal.Easily hinged, thus space-saving...
Ex Tax:19.00€
Round saddle rack with rubber edgings. The rack can be retracted when not in use. Incl. Hook for bridle. Size: Height: 17 cm, Depth: 46 cm..
Ex Tax:13.50€
Gel Pad (W)
Out Of Stock
Ideal pressure distribution and shock absorption to go easy on the horse"s back. Prevents punctual pressures, and thereby pressure marks. Easy care, washable material. Please keep away from direct sunlight and sharp objects. Size: 51 x 34 cm Thickness: 1 cm..
Ex Tax:50.00€
Gel Saddle Underlay, Front
Out Of Stock
This shaped gel saddle pad prevents the risk of injury to the withers or back. The pad adapts its shape, stretches, is breathableand and hypoallergenic. Hand wash Size: 52 cm x 25 cm..
Ex Tax:37.50€
Stitched saddle pad with proven gel-saddle technology in the seat area. Provides an optimal pressure distribution and prevents the occurrence of pressure and abrasion marks...
Ex Tax:72.00€
Lambskin Saddle Pad (W)
Out Of Stock
Anatomically-shaped lambskin saddle pad. Ideal pressure distribution between saddle and the horse"s back. With touch tape fastening straps for easy attachment to the saddle...
Ex Tax:70.00€
For subsequent attachment, simply push in between the panels. Fits almost all saddles. Made of leather with a metal rod inserted and metal eyelets for better stability...
Ex Tax:25.00€
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