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Jumping Saddles

This saddle gives a great sense of comfor to the rider thanks to its deep seat. Suitable for sport or free riding. Seat:17"..
Ex Tax:185.00€
A saddle with large blocks front and back on the inner flaps which give safety and comfort for jumping in all categories. This saddle secures the right position of the riders legs...
Ex Tax:400.00€
Jumping Saddle Loreley VSS
-20 %
Jumping saddle with a square cut cantle, whose structure and design is adapted according to the principlesof modern jumping training as propagated by renowned show jumpers and instructors. The medium deep, extremely comfortable seat facilitates riding in the horse’s centre of balance. Knee r..
1,045.00€ 1,306.00€
Ex Tax:1,045.00€
Jumping Saddle S Latino NT (Stubben)
-20 %
The Latino NT saddle has been a specialy developped for the ambitioned jumping rider. It has been basically buit up on a further developped original stubben saddle tree. Because of the short point, this saddle guarantees the closest contact to the horse, at the same time it leaves no wishes open wit..
1,248.00€ 1,560.00€
Ex Tax:1,248.00€
Jumping Saddle Siegfried (Stubben)
-20 %
Jumping saddle of a special shape that gives the ability of the close contact between the horse and the rider due to the external blocks and the lack of the topcoats. Seat:17,5" Tree:27,5cm..
1,036.00€ 1,295.00€
Ex Tax:1,036.00€
Jumping Saddle Stubben (kids)
-20 %
Jumping saddle for kids which ensures the stability of the young rider on the back of the horse. It has a deep, comfortable Seat Seat: 16" Tree: 32cm..
1,028.00€ 1,285.00€
Ex Tax:1,028.00€
Jumping saddle made out of high quality leather. Easy fitting form. The saddle will give the rider a easy and comfortable seat. Seat:17,5" Tree: 31cm..
Ex Tax:1,178.00€
Prestige Saddle Stubben Elephant
-20 %
A unique saddle made of elephant leather, legally exterminated. Only a few items left all around the world and it has its own bridle made of the same material. Seat: 18' Tree:30 cm..
4,560.00€ 5,700.00€
Ex Tax:4,560.00€
Prestige Saddle Stubben Sealowe
-20 %
A unique saddle made of sealowe leather, legally exterminated. There only a few such items left in the World. It has its own briddle made of the same material. Seat:17,5" Tree: 29cm..
3,840.00€ 4,800.00€
Ex Tax:3,840.00€
S Edelweiss (Stubben)
-20 %
Both innovate and functional, a close contact jumping saddle with square cut cantle, made of high-quality full grain cowhide. Due to the enhaced Stubben steel spring tree the saddle has a narrow twist, which allows the rider to get even closer to the horse. In addition, the seat of the Edelweis..
984.00€ 1,230.00€
Ex Tax:984.00€
Saddle All Purpose - Tend. Jumping Saddle Colombo (S)
-20 %
Saddle all over covered with Special saddle leather water buffalo, with rubber padded knee parts, rubber padding also in the skirts. The strongly marked natural grain offers a very good grip Seat:17,5" Tree: 28cm Colour: black-grey..
1,248.00€ 1,560.00€
Ex Tax:1,248.00€
Saddle All Purpose - Tend. Jumping Saddle VSS Daland (S)
-20 %
"Doubled saddle" is all over doeskin covered with rubber padded knee parts. Rubber padded also in the skirts. Seat: 17,5" Tree: 29cm..
800.00€ 1,000.00€
Ex Tax:800.00€
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