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Lunging Surcingle

Lunging Surcingle Soft (W)
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Hard wearing nylon material, overgirth thickly padded with vestan. Undergirth with ring to attach side reins. Also suitable for working with double lunge reins. With 13 rings, both sides adjustable. Width: 10 cm Length WB: adjustable from 2,00 - 2,45 m..
Ex Tax:50.00€
Syrcingle with synthetic panel, 5 rings to attach side reins...
Ex Tax:30.00€
With synthetic panel, 5 rings to attach side reins, etc. Size WB: adjustable from 1,85- 2,10 m..
Ex Tax:32.00€
Vaulting & Lunging Surcingle
-28 %
Made out of strong leather. Girth adjustable on both sides, strong handles, leg loops on both sides. 5 rings. Ideal for either lunging or vaulting...
130.00€ 180.00€
Ex Tax:130.00€
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