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CLAC insect repellent deodorant is a fly repellent product which can be applied quite safely directly onto the horse. This new agent reliably repels flies, bot flies and other biting insects so that the horse can enjoy its time in the field or on hacks without being bothered by flies. **USE BIOCIDES..
Ex Tax:24.00€
Foxfire hair shine lotion contains pro-vitamin D panthenole which gives your horse"s coat, mane and tail extra, and long lasting shine and moisture. Makes brushing and combing much easier. Foxfire takes a coat straightening effect, as well as it adds dust repellent properties to your horse"..
Ex Tax:17.00€
Leather care cream keeps leather durable, waterproof and soft, contains genuine beeswax and real leather preservatives.How to use : Clean leather well. Apply leather cream with cloth. Apply several coats according to actual wear...
Ex Tax:27.00€
Leder New is a time-tested self-shining cleaning and care product wich cleans and polishes in a single operation. It cleans, smooths and brings out the colour of the leather brilliantly. Leder New makes leather tear resistant and insensitive to water and perspiration. Leder New contains no gre..
Ex Tax:20.00€
For the improvement of the tigh position and seat - high degree of friction resistance...
Ex Tax:17.60€
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