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 Transporting Horses by Road by David Harding,Judith Draper (English version)
-50 %
Whether you drive a motorised horsebox or use a trailer and towing vehicle, there are certain regulations to which you must adhere if you are to transport horses safely - and legally - on the roads of the United Kingdom or Europe. Important subjects covered in detail in this book include the tra..
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A book about all the aspects of taking care of your horse..
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Bit by bit by Diana R.Tuke (English version)
-50 %
Everything you want to know about equine bits.According to author Diana Tuke "There is much more to riding and horses than merely getting on them and going for a ride. If we are to obtain the fullest enjoyment from this pastime and become true horsemen and women, then we must study saddlery in i..
6.00€ 12.00€
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Breeding and Youngstock (The Horse) by Julie Brega (English version)
-67 %
This text looks at the horse-breeding selection process, including the principles of heredity and genetics. The anatomy of the reproductive systems and the physiology of the oestrus cycle are discussed followed by the preparation for, and the process of covering. Pregnancy diagnosis and the stag..
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Breeding the racehorse by Federico Tesio (English version)
-37 %
There is no book - there can be no book - that will infallibly point the way to successful bloodstock breeding. Yet, as Senator Tesio observed, the sport of horse racing has produced, in the General Stud Book, a genetic record extending now over more than two centuries and a score of generations..
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Choosing a Dressage Horse by Leonie M. Marshall (English version)
-53 %
This text guides the ordinary rider through the difficult process of buying a horse suitable for dressage. Dressage is the fastest growing equestrian sport in Britain today and there is a wide variety of opinion as to the best type of horse. There are a number of different breeds and types of ho..
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Clipping, Trimming and Plaiting your horse by Diana R.Tuke (English version)
-45 %
This practical, fully illustrated guide tells the horse or pony owner not only how, but why and when it is necessary to clip, trim or plait for health or cosmetic purposes.Diana Tuke describes in clear, step by step sequences her own tried and trusted methods. She explains the uses and workings ..
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Correct Dress for Riding by The Pony Club (English version)
-66 %
A good rider takes pride in his own appearance as well as that of his horse.In the Pony Club every effort is made to ensure that members ear correct dress for the various activities in which they take part. The aim of this book is to provide acceptable guide-lines, both for beginners and for those..
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Encyclopedia Of Horses
-18 %
An valuable tool for anyone interested in horses and horse rididng..
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George Stubbs: Art, animals & anatomy by Constance-Anne Parker  (English version)
-64 %
George Stubbs has in recent years attracted growing interest. Though primarily known, both during his lifetime and after his death in 1806, as a horse painter Stubbs was also an engraver, enamel painter, etcher, anatomical artist and scientist.At the height of his fame Stubbs was paid more for h..
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Getting your horse fit by Diane R.Tuke (English version)
-63 %
A comprehensive programme covering eight weeks dealt with week by week. Published in 1984 by J.A.Allen & Company LimitedISBN 0-85131-255-1..
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