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Dung / Snow shovel deep. THE POLL IS  INCLUDED ! Dimensions: Width: 360 mm Length: 1200 mm..
Ex Tax:21.00€
Dunk Fork With Sides (H)
Out Of Stock
Manure fork with raised sides Product specification: - deep manure fork for more manure ease - 17 freely elastic movable teeth - Fork size +/- 38cm x 30cm..
Ex Tax:25.50€
Fork Stick, Solid Metal (W)
Out Of Stock
Solid metal stick with plastic handle Length : 110 cm Fork NOT included...
Ex Tax:18.00€
Shaving fork made of hard wearing plastic with extra high side sections for easy mucking out of chippings and turf. Width: 40 cm Stick NOT included...
Ex Tax:25.00€
High quality plastic shaving fork to muck out peat and shavings easily.The edges are raised to prevent dropping out. Without handle.Width: 40 cm..
Ex Tax:15.00€
Shaving Fork Head With Handle (P)
Out Of Stock
PVC (Polyvinylchlorid) shavings fork. Handle included. Measure 33 cm x 39,5 cm x 12 cm Handle approx. 119 cm..
Ex Tax:18.00€
For removal of manure in the bin, step mill or stable. Light and handy to use. Height fork: 27cm Height mestboy: 80cm..
Ex Tax:32.00€
Two-part set. Ideal for use in the stable, trailer and stable aisle. Handle height: approx. 80 cm..
Ex Tax:32.00€
Set of two parts. Ideal for all occassions. Handles Height: approx. 80 cm..
Ex Tax:30.00€
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