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Playball for horses, made of hardwearing soft plastic. With loop to hang up. ..
Ex Tax:12.00€
Extra fun for your horse. Suitable for indoors or outdoors. The soft rounded grip provides every horse with a fun play possibility. The air pressure is regulated by a special valve, so there"s no need for extra inflation. ..
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Likit Holder Likit Holder
-15 %
Practial holder for Likit licking stones à 650 g.Supplied without licking stone!..
23.00€ 27.00€
Ex Tax:23.00€
Playball and food dispenser alike. The horse is sensibly busied and activated to action. Scientific studies have proved that the use of Likit Snak-a-Ball helps on a natural eating progress (such as grazing) and brings along further advantages: reduces stress, boredom and anxiety promotes a healthy d..
Ex Tax:67.00€
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