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Bridle Bracket Metal Bridle Bracket Metal
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Metal bridle bracket...
6.50€ 8.00€
Ex Tax:6.50€
Bridle hanger of metal with plastic coatingPerfect for hanging bridles and other acsessorries ..
Ex Tax:6.50€
Beautiful and practical solution to hang your bridle in the stable!..
Ex Tax:13.00€
Metal bridle rack , ideal for tidying the stable ..
Ex Tax:6.50€
An injurious habit of horses in which they bite at the edge of a feed trough or other object and swallow air at the same time. Flexible, anatomically moulded metal frame with hard-wearing, 5-times adjustable nylon strap...
Ex Tax:24.00€
Saddle rack made of robust metal.. Easily hinged, thus space-saving. Size: Width: 15 cm, Height: 41 cm, Depth: 61 cm..
Ex Tax:25.00€
Saddle rack made of robust metal.Easily hinged, thus space-saving...
Ex Tax:19.00€
Round saddle rack with rubber edgings. The rack can be retracted when not in use. Incl. Hook for bridle. Size: Height: 17 cm, Depth: 46 cm..
Ex Tax:13.50€
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