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Bits are cast from a high-tech alloy containing more copper and guaranteed to be nickel free. Carefully researched and exhaustively tested , this new alloy formula provides the highest tensile strength of all competing copper alloy products while maintaining comparable flexibility and light weight...
Ex Tax:100.00€
Especially light-weigt at 550g/pair. Fashionable design, available in colours. Slanted shanks at 90° rotated stirrup leather loop. Black rubber pads. Pair...
Ex Tax:29.00€
Iron stirrups with white rubber pads. They close at one side with rubber...
Ex Tax:42.00€
High quality metal stirrups, coated in black, with anti-slip black rubber pads. Pair  ..
Ex Tax:30.00€
Jointed stirrups can be bent in any direction. A particularly smooth technique allows forwards, backwards and sideways movement. Particularly shock resistant. Tread width 12 cm...
Ex Tax:68.00€
Kwik-Out Stirrup Irons Quick Release Stirrup Irons. Designed to open if you are hung up in the stirrup.  ..
Ex Tax:138.50€
Revolutionary stirrup - made of high quality, extra low weight polymer material. Perfect for trekking and for kids. With black rubber treads. Pair With black rubber treads. Pair  ..
Ex Tax:22.00€
Plastic stirrups, black. Adjustable if needed...
Ex Tax:97.00€
Sturdy leather stirrup-leather with hole numeration and stainless steel buckles...
Ex Tax:30.00€
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