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Cod Liver Oil And Zinc Ointment, 100g (P)
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Promotes healing of minor injuries, stings and grazes. Can also be used for eczema. Contents 100g..
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Cod liver oil-zinc salve is a tried and tested skin protection salve to support the skin in the case of poorly healing or moist wounds. Contains: Vaseline, cod liver oil, zinc, groundnut oil. Contains: 250 g..
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Protects against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Indispensable for disinfecting stable and equipment. Optimum protection for humans and animals. The even blue colour shows disinfection is complete. Directions for use: Hold the spray bottle upright and spray from a distance of 20 -30cm. Hazar..
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With mallenders and eczema, the affected skin areas are often brittle and irritated. KERALIT Dermacure ointment contains high quality, nourishing substances such as dexpanthenol, St. John"s wort oil and zinc oxide. These support the regeneration of the irritated skin areas. Nourishing substances kee..
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Quality skin cream without preservatives. Nourishes, keeping the skin elastic and protects against harmful environmental influences. Particularly well suited to complementary care of the dock, pastern and scars etc. ..
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A breathable, waterproof and flexible film protects the skin from wound secretions, sweat, urine, water and harmful agents. Also suitable for impregnating bandages (prevents them from sticking to the wound). Skin protection before applying plaster.Directions for use: Spray onto clean, dry skin from ..
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