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To aid recuperation after intense exertion. The cooling gel relaxes, invigorates and has a cooling effect on muscles. The cooling gel shortens recovery time. Contains camphor and menthol. Warning: cooling gel should not come into contact with eyes or mucous membranes...
Ex Tax:12.00€
Double Edge Trimming Knife
-40 %
Double edge trimming knife. Sharpened on both sides, stainless steel blade, moulded handle. Length: 21 cm..
6.00€ 10.00€
Ex Tax:6.00€
Reactivating special preparation, Relaxes and cools muscles, joints, tendons and ligament after performance and tiredness. With menthol, eucalyptus oil and thyme oil, and other high quality ingredients. Horse Care and Supplementary Feed products - premium quality made in Germany..
Ex Tax:14.00€
Hoof Brush, plastic made of soft pig bristles with a plastic shaft..
Ex Tax:3.00€
Hoof brush with pig bristles, supplied in a box for clean handling and keeping...
Ex Tax:5.00€
Hoof Brush with cover. Made of pig bristles...
Ex Tax:4.00€
Ergonomic design. Sturdy synthetic bristles.Length: 23 cm..
Ex Tax:11.00€
Hoof care gel 450ml. The ingredients of Stübben Care “Huf” essentially include babassu oil, balsam turpentine, lanolin and glycerine. Babassu oil increases moisture retention, balsam turpentine promotes circulation and has an activating and growth-promoting effect. Glycerine and lan..
Ex Tax:10.00€
Hoof conditioner for a perfect hoof care.HORSAPAN is a highly effective hoof treatment in a ground breaking new formulation of special oils for the treatment of bad and cracking hooves and for the maintenance of a healthy hoof.Contents : 500 ml..
Ex Tax:28.00€
With high portion of Vaseline. Boosts the growth and elasticity of the heel horns. Without brush 1000ml.  ..
Ex Tax:19.00€
With high portion of Vaseline, incl. brush. Boosts the growth and elasticity of the heel horns. Brush included 500ml.  ..
Ex Tax:15.00€
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