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Clipper in a suitcase Clipper in a suitcase
-25 %
Clipper in a suitcase (Includes: machine with built-in blade, power cable, 2 charcoals, 1 bottle of oil for the blade).Security measuresAlways disconnect the clipper from the power supply before cleaning it.Protect your camera from moisture and store it when not in use in dry areas.Keep away from ch..
560.00€ 742.00€
Ex Tax:560.00€
Cutter and comb a22
-48 %
Fine cutter and comb set designed for efficient shearing. It is known for its superb quality and long lasting performance. Each piece is heat treated and balanced to ensure a high performance cutting edge. It is ideal for short clipping leaving 0.8 to 1mm hair. The cutter has 24 te..
58.00€ 111.00€
Ex Tax:58.00€
Super Handy Dandy clipper in a cloth bag (Includes : machine, charger, accessories/blades, oil for the blades).Safety precautionsBefore cleaning the clippers always disconnect from the electricity supply.Do not get the clippers wet or allow water to come in contact with them. Keep them out of the re..
Ex Tax:70.00€
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