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Foxfire hair shine lotion contains pro-vitamin D panthenole which gives your horse"s coat, mane and tail extra, and long lasting shine and moisture. Makes brushing and combing much easier. Foxfire takes a coat straightening effect, as well as it adds dust repellent properties to your horse"..
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Softening oil suitable for horse hair, tail and mane. Enriched with Tea Tree Oil & Laurel Oil for silky coat and lasting shine. It offers unique shine and volume to the mane and tail of the horse giving easy brushing and vibrancy to the hair. Spray the mane and tail from a distance of 25cm. an..
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Equigold® is a top quality shampoo specially designed for the horse’s hair structure and skin requirements. Equigold® contains selected active ingredients which clean the skin and hair gently and thoroughly, gently rehydrating and provides long-lasting care. It is PH neutral, contains no perfume ..
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Horse shampoo - blackcurrant with pearly lustre. With the natural aroma of blackcurrants. Mild surfactants and prized panthenol ensure a gentle and thorough cleansing whilst preserving the skin’s natural protective layer. Hair is then easy to brush. Pearl extracts give the hair a beautiful she..
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Mane & Tail Spray, 1Lt (W)
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Coat and mane spray - high quality care for coat, mane and tail. Ensures easy brushing and de-tangling of mane and tail. Gentle care for the horse"s coat, giving a silky sheen. The invisible protective film has a dust-repellent effect and prevents tangles. Content : 1 Lt..
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Coat, mane and tail spray gives the hair a silky, long lasting shine. Hair stays tangle free and at the same time a powerful dust and dirt repellant effect is attained. Quantity : 250ml..
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Do not damage the hair and can be easily taken out. Ideal for competition hairstyle ! Quantity: 2,5g..
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Easily removed without harming your horse. Ideal for competition hairstyle ! Packaging: 500 pieces..
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Do not damage the hair and can be easily taken out. Ideal for competition hairstyle ! Quantity: 50 g..
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Makes it easier to thin out the mane !..
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Radiused edges, plastic handle. Made of rust-free material...
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