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ANTIPHLEBOTOME CITRO is a natural cosmetic product that contains Citronella and citrus essential oils.Deeply cares for the horse's skin and hair that remain clean and healthy.In addition the product provides effective protection from various factors (such as flying insects) that affect the hair.Caut..
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Ensures up to 8 hours of reliable protection against bothersome mosquitoes, bot flies, ticks, flies and grass mites. It keeps the skin moist and contains active sun protection UV-B-Filter (UV-B SPF 6). It has a refreshing effect and reduces cooling off of the muscles during sporting activity. ..
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CLAC insect repellent deodorant is a fly repellent product which can be applied quite safely directly onto the horse. This new agent reliably repels flies, bot flies and other biting insects so that the horse can enjoy its time in the field or on hacks without being bothered by flies. **USE BIOCIDES..
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- protects horse from flies and insects- effective for 4 - 6 weeks- natural agent- just place it around the neck and the horse is protected- protects the whole horse from insects..
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Highly effective insect repellent, active ingredient icaridin, effective protection for many hours. The gel can be used in a targeted manner on the head, around the eyes and nostrils. Contents: 500ml..
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Insect protection with highly effective protection against horseflies, flies, midges and ticks. High quality ingredients such as saltidin. New improved recipe. Provides many hours of protection against these pests. Now with two effective ingredients. Contains: saltidin and 1% IR 3535 Content..
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Taonex Spray
-11 %
TAONEX protects equines by removing hayworms and other annoying insects. Protection lasts for more than 12 hours. It does not leave any traces in the coat while it has a pleasant smell. Composition: Herbal extracts Content : 500ml Caution ! Keep out of the reach of children..
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