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Light weight anti fly bonnet which offers ideal protection for the horse"s eyes and ears against nasty insects. The small meshed materials ensures greatest wearing comfort and unrestricted eyesight. Steplessly adjustable for perfect fit. With ear protection and opening for the horse"s tuft...
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Anti fly riding rug with a fixed neck in a fine mesh fabric. - Neck and front closure with plastic buckles - Nylon lining on the breast part - Tail flap - Manes to avoid rubbing spots - With tail cord..
Ex Tax:35.00€
Anti fly rug of mesh fabric - detachable neck - including a mask - double front closure with buckles and Velcro - wide gusset - surcingles - tail cord..
Ex Tax:66.00€
ANTIPHLEBOTOME CITRO is a natural cosmetic product that contains Citronella and citrus essential oils.Deeply cares for the horse's skin and hair that remain clean and healthy.In addition the product provides effective protection from various factors (such as flying insects) that affect the hair.Caut..
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- protects horse from flies and insects- rip-proof- machine washable at 30 degrees- suitable for dryer- before washing close touch close fastenings- 100% polyester..
Ex Tax:21.00€
- protects horse from flies and insects- machine washable at 30 degrees- suitable for dryer- highly elastic, just pull over - ready!- compl. closed, 100% protection against insects und..
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High quality riding out sheet made of closely meshed material. Ensures greatest possible protection against nasty insects. With double front fasteners and rings to attach to neck part. Material: 100% Polyester..
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Anti-Fly sheet economic, with cross surcingles. Traditional anti-fly sheet which ensures ideal protection against nasty insects. ..
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Ensures up to 8 hours of reliable protection against bothersome mosquitoes, bot flies, ticks, flies and grass mites. It keeps the skin moist and contains active sun protection UV-B-Filter (UV-B SPF 6). It has a refreshing effect and reduces cooling off of the muscles during sporting activity. ..
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Buzz-off Fly Mask (BUCAS)
-19 %
The Buzz-Off range of fly, insect and UV protective products are made from a specially developed light weight fine mesh fabric. This mesh blocks even the smallest of insects and reduce the effects of ultraviolet radiation. Silver...
25.00€ 31.00€
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The overlapping, padded and lined front provides superb comfort and protection Shoulder darts ensure an excellent fit and plenty of shoulder room The unique elasticated and detachable belly pad gives protection to the belly of the horse and also helps to stabilise the rug in position The tail fla..
Ex Tax:75.00€
CLAC insect repellent deodorant is a fly repellent product which can be applied quite safely directly onto the horse. This new agent reliably repels flies, bot flies and other biting insects so that the horse can enjoy its time in the field or on hacks without being bothered by flies. **USE BIOCIDES..
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