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Cutter and comb a22
-48 %
Fine cutter and comb set designed for efficient shearing. It is known for its superb quality and long lasting performance. Each piece is heat treated and balanced to ensure a high performance cutting edge. It is ideal for short clipping leaving 0.8 to 1mm hair. The cutter has 24 te..
58.00€ 111.00€
Ex Tax:58.00€
PVC Aigle Boots / Ecuyer
-20 %
Aigle Riding boots, type Ecuyer. PVC material with leather internal inset. Available sizes No 36S - 46XXL (calf sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXLS)  ..
77.00€ 96.00€
Ex Tax:77.00€
PVC riding boots.  Handcrafted with Slush® (an Aigle patented process for PVC). 100% waterproof, oblique cut on top. Looks like leather! Warm padded lining, absorbs moisture and dries rapidly. Easy care, no messy polishing! Clean with soap and water. Available in XL calf widths. Bordea..
Ex Tax:98.00€
PVC Aigle Boots / Start
-21 %
PVC riding boots, Start type. Available sizes 30 - 47. Calf sizes S - XXLS ..
62.00€ 78.00€
Ex Tax:62.00€
PVC Jodhpur Boots Aigle - SALES
-21 %
PVC jodhpur boots LAST PIECES !..
50.00€ 63.00€
Ex Tax:50.00€
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